Best Car DVD 

Looking for a portable DVD player you can take in the car? Do you want a DVD player with Bluetooth? One that runs blue ray disks? So many choices, how do you compare them all and decide? That’s where I hope I can help you narrow down your decision. 

Okay, let’s get right down to business. What I’ve done is summarize some information for you so you can make a wise decision to fit your needs and budget. I went to Amazon to compare various portable DVD players you can use in a car. Here are the best choices I found using the following criteria.

  1. Sale price was greater than or equal to $50.00 – I figured you get what you pay for and this was what I thought was a good starting point for anyone on a tight budget.
  2. The product rating was greater than or equal to 4.0 – I’m sure there are some good car radios with a lower rating but I had to make some limits somewhere or there would be information over-load. If there were more than 8 results I increased the required rating until I got 8 or less to prevent you from getting information overload.
  3. The number of reviews was greater than or equal to 20 – I read several articles regarding what percentage of people actually leave feedback on Amazon and the opinions ranged anywhere fro 5 – 20%. So, if a product has 20 reviews, then it theoretically had between 100 and 400 buyers. If that product had a 4.0 or higher rating, I figured it had to be a good product.

So there you have it. My criteria. Please understand that all this information is dynamic and can change as more people leave product feedback, price changes, etc. Hopefully this information will help you in deciding what product best fits your needs and budget. Happy shopping!